When a series of violent tornadoes swept across the Midwest on Palm Sunday, 1965, the Amish settlement in LaGrange County, Indiana, experienced great destruction. As had long been Amish custom, coreligionists relied on mutual aid rather than on commercial insurance to cope with their losses. Amish from as far away as Lancaster County organized transportation and work crews to travel to Indiana to help Amish and non-Amish families alike clean up debris and rebuild. Along with labor, food, and supplies, the Amish in the East sent quilts, including this one, received by Wingard family in Shipshewana. While Center Diamond was a common pattern in Lancaster County, quiltmakers in Indiana settlements rarely made it. The Amish family in Lancaster who parted with their quilt recognized that someone needed it more than they did and hoped that it might provide comfort, both physically and symbolically. 

Center Diamond
Maker unknown
Made in
Lancaster County
From the collection of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites